How to get a rough vintage Effect on your logo design in Adobe Illustrator

7 minute read
August 10, 2021

Have you ever wanted to achieve a vintage rough effect on your work in Adobe Illustrator?

But you are not sure how to do it.

Read on to see my super quick process how!

Step 1 - Arrange your Design

![vintage badge design]( roughen effect adobe illustrator.jpg)

Step 2 - Convert to shapes

This is important if you are using fonts in your design piece, this effect will not work unless you do this step

Select your Design

Menu - Object - Expand apperance

![Illustrator expand appearance menu]( roughen effect in adobe illustrator 2.png)

Menu - Object - Expand

![Illustrator expand menu]( roughen effect how to expand.jpg)

Make sure Object & fill are selected and click 'OK'

![Illustrator expand menu options]( select options adobe illustrator.jpg)

Step 3 - Apply Effect

Now you have expanded your work and it is all a shape.

Select your design

Menu - Effect - Distort & Transform - Roughen

![Illustrator distort transform menu]( roughen effect adobe illustrator.png)

It might look a bit crazy when you first select it (like below!)

![Illustrator distort options]( illustrator effect looking crazy.jpg)

Some suggestions to achieve this effect is

Select Absolute

Select Smooth

Option size - 1-2px

Detail - 8/inch

![Illustrator roughen options]( effect options illustrator.jpg)

Step 4 - Experiment!

Feel free to play around at this stage, the higher the numbers the crazier it will look. Also this depends on the size of your design, if it is very small or very large you will need to mess around with these numbers as you go!

If you have multiple elements to your design vararying in size, it might be best to roughen like size elements together!

![Illustrator before and after of roughen effect]( %26 after roughen effect.jpg)

![badge design close up of roughen effect]( %26 After 2 in roughen effect.jpg)