Logo Design Questionnaire | Beginners guide for Logo Designers

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August 19, 2021

Importance of questionnaire for logo design

When working with clients this first stage is so vital. You might be great in the Adobe suite and know all of the shortcuts. But if you botch this stage your logo will not get approved by the client and you’ll end up having to do it again!

The questionnaire will help show you which direction you should take the logo in and give you the best possible way to have the client loving the logo!

This can be sent via email, from experience I have found it better to conduct in person if that’s via zoom or actually face to face. It gives you the ability to help guide the client through the questions and make sure you are getting enough out of them as needed!

Importance of Questionnaire for Logo Design

Importance of Questionnaire for Logo Design

Purpose of questionnaire

A logo design should serve a purpose, that means there should be a clear outcome that accomplishes the clients goals.

When starting out as a logo designer, a questionnaire is a great place to start when working with clients.

A questionnaire is a great way to build a solid brief about the project. By using a thought provoking questionnaire it will draw out as much possible information from the client as needed!

Here is my refined list of questions I include. Its important to understand why we are asking these questions and their purpose.

Take the time to read through and feel free to add any of these into your questionnaire!

Purpose of Logo Design Questionnaire

Purpose of Logo Design Questionnaire

Logo Design Questionnaire Example questions

Name Competitors

This helps you see the lay of the industry, it gives you a good starting point to see what others are doing and how they are presenting themselves.

It will give you good insight about it their is theme they are gravitate towards or a certain colour palette they are all using?

It will also give the ability to make the decision of do I follow the industry and make theirs fit in? Or do I have a chance to help them stand in front with something different!

Describe your brand

This is a good way to get the clients mind working. The whole purpose of these questionnaires is to get the client thinking. You want them to dive deep. You want to leave with understanding their brand as best you can!

This will help you understand products, offerings they have, how they operate and get a good look into what they are a,l about in their business.

What you hope other people say about your brand

This question will help the customer explain what the ideal outcome for their business is. You will see how they want to be perceived and will give you a better idea of how you can share this for them visually.

Brand sliders

This is a concept I learnt from TheFutur and have made to work for me. I attach around 3-5 sliders that is a straight line with opposite values on each side.

For example one side might be ‘luxury’ while the other side would be ‘affordable’. I will ask the client to mark along the line where they think they fit in, also make the note for them to avoid the middle as much as possible and try to choose more near one side.

I have found this a great, interactive way to draw emotion out of the client.

![Logo Brand Sliders for questionnaires](https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/610a5c11bd4ad0b1f14ddebd/611f0ff6305165528a72555a_Logo Brand Sliders.jpg)

Brand Sliders for Logo Design

Who are your ideal customers

This is a great question to help them think about who they are serving.

If their target is woman aged 40-55 it will look much different than a logo targeted at 18-22 males.

This will help you start forming the logo in the best way to reach and resonate with their target audience

What kinds of logo resonate with you

This is good to help with seeing what they think looks awesome! This works for two reasons. First as I said it shows what they think looks great and second it gives you the opportunity to help them make the correct choice, if they send through logos that is totally the wrong direction you know they should be heading. You are the expert this is a great opportunity to show that.

![Types of Logos](https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/610a5c11bd4ad0b1f14ddebd/611ef04bfa7590559ff08414_Types of logos.jpg)

Types of logos

What are we trying to achieve with this

This one seems obvious but you would be surprised at times when clients haven’t thought it through much of what the purpose of the logo is.

You want your logo to have purpose and tangible reasons why they are doing it. E.g. rebranding to go in a different direction, making it official by putting a logo on their side business.

Logo Design questions what are you trying to achieve

What are you trying to achieve

5 words that represent your brand or where you are wanting to go

The tangible 5 here helps clients not feel overwhelmed but also not ramble. I normally receive 5 exact words describing what their brand is.

![Logo Design questionnaire brand ideas](https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/610a5c11bd4ad0b1f14ddebd/611f11477855dc6ca6f032a3_Logo Design questionnaire thought dump-01.jpg)

Logo Design questionnaire brand ideas


The logo questionnaire is the foundation for your design process.

The information you extract here will lead the way forward and the direction you choose to take the project.